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Extreme Breast Sweat day & Night

 Many women who are large breasted suffer from extreme breast sweat every day and night.  Even young girls who have breasts are subjected to constant breast sweat.

 Breast sweat can lead to breast rashes and these breast rashes are a breading ground for yeast infections.  Yeast infections can lead to a disease called Intertrigo.  Even the medications given to you by your doctor for treatment help with treating Intertrigo but you still have the initial problem; Breast Sweat that could lead to Breast Rashes  plus the discomfort or moisture in your bra.

 Sweaty breasts needed a product that will help stop breast sweat. The solution to the problem are “MyBreastFriend” instant cooling thin pads you adhere under your bust.  You place the pad on the underside and along your breast line.  The instant cooling pad  activates by removing the protective cellophane.  Within seconds, the pad starts to cool your breast line and the breast stays cool and which creates dryness.  Each pad works for up to many hours!!!

Try “MyBreastFriend” cooling pads and see how you too can be sweat-free and comfortable.  For more information about “MyBreastFriend” contact us at

Intertrigo – Heat Rash- Relief !

Intertrigo is the word used to describe a rash in body folds.

Intertrigo is a nonspecific inflammatory lesion of the skin folds. It is most common in obese peoples and during hot          weather. It is most commonly aggravated by moisture, perspiration, heat, friction, and lack of air circulation. 

Intertrigo usually affects underside of the breasts,  inner thighs, armpits, the belly and sometimes behind the ears, and the web spaces between the toes and fingers. The appearance of intertrigo is dependent on the area of skin involved. They are usually raw-looking, sometimes itchy, macerated and red rash with scaling on the edges.

Body folds (flexures) are prone to inflammatory rashes because of:

  • Relatively high skin temperature
  • Moisture from insensible water loss and sweating cannot evaporate
  • Friction from movement of adjacent skin results in chafing-which can be created by irritation from your bra or clothing

What causes intertrigo?

  • Intertrigo occurs when skin stays moist, when the temperature of the skin rises and when there is rubbing on the skin (i.e from movement).
  • The moistness can be because of not drying the skin well enough after washing or from sweat.
  • Because the skin has lost its top layer, it is very prone to getting infected.

With Breast Coolers instant cooling factor, your body will avoid sweating under the fold lines and your breasts stay dry and cool. Therefore breast sweat does not occur.  This will also help stop breast rashes due to any irritation from your bra.

My Breast Friend instant cooling pads will help you avoid breast sweat!  Visit our website at for more information!  The cooling pads are also wonderful for your feet to help against the discomfort of Intertrigo.

Stop Breast Sweat !

Do you sweat under your breasts? Do you get rashes under your breasts? Do you have a case of Intertrigo?  Do you have embarrassing and unsightly sweat marks on you're clothing?  Are you tired of itchy, sweaty, smelly breasts and a wet bra?  Are you constantly buying new bra's because your old ones have been ruined by breast perspiration?  Have you ruined any clothing due to your breast perspiration stains?  If you answer YES to any of these questions? My Breast Friend cooling pads is your answer to avoid all these issues.

There are products on the market to absorb the perspiration, but to avoid breast sweat now there is "My Breast Friend".  My Breast Friend ultra thin instant cooling strips are the way of the future to keep your breast sweat glands cool to control sweat. It's also FDA approved.  By keeping the breast glads cool this will stop breast perspiration and keep you feeling dry and comfortable. Sure beats walking around feeling wet and uncomfortable in your bra which could lead to a breast rash which could then lead to a breast infection if not teated.

Just think no more powders, no more deodorants, no more cotton fabrics to absorb the perspiration, just stay cool, dry and comfortable in your bra with "My Breast Friend" ultra thin self cooling strips.  My Breast Friend will simply solve your problem to avoid that uncomfortable breast sweat.  Just imagine you can BEAT THAT SUMMER HEAT and feel great!!! 

Avoid Breast Perspiration

Over heating and sweating under your breast line

Antiperspirant stops you from sweating which means that your body can’t cool itself like its supposed to and shouldn't be applied under your bust.

Stained clothing

You know those yellow stains your bra gets? That’s because some aluminum salts used in antiperspirants combine with certain kinds of fabrics. If you get Secret on your Victoria’s Secret, you could ruin a bra.

To avoid the problem just insert my My Breast Friend cooling pads.  So no more antiperspirant, powder or towels needed to aborb or help stop breast sweat.


Breast Perspiration can cause Rashes

Avoid rashes due to breast perspiration with new  ulta thin My Breast Friend Cooling Pads . 
Most rashes under the breasts are caused by miliaria crystalline—simply put—heat rash.  Breast Perspiration remains trapped beneath the skin blocking sweat glands which causes inflammation and rash. Certain fabrics trap perspiration causing sweat glands to become blocked. Changes in climate—hotter temperatures and higher humidity—can trigger heat rash. According to the Mayo Clinic, heat rash goes away on its own, the best way to relieve symptoms is to Cool your skin and prevent sweating. Wear cotton bras and keep the skin under your breasts clean and dry and insert ultra thin My Breast Friend cooling pads before putting on your bra. Heat rash could become infected, cooling the skin will help avoid this issue and avoid having discomfort or swelling under your breast as well.      

Breast Rashes

Redness under the Breasts
A red ‘sweat rash’ under the breasts is called intertrigo. It may be sore and itchy, and you may have it in your armpits as well. The rash has a definite edge, and there may be some whitish material on it.  It is usually caused by skin-on-skin friction and by Candida fungus or Corynebacterium bacteria, both of which like to live in warm, moist places.  If you are overweight as well as having large breasts, the skin crease underneath them is ideal for Candida. Candidaalso likes skin that has been slightly damaged; this makes it easier for the fungus to take hold.
What you can do
Get a supportive bra to lift your breasts up. Although underwired styles give good support, they tend to trap sweat under the breasts so choose a non-wired style.  Cotton is better than a synthetic fibre, because it allows sweat to evaporate. Wash it in a non-biological (non-enzyme) detergent and do not use a perfumed fabric conditioner.
Wash carefully under the breasts with a non-perfumed soap (some perfumes can damage the skin). Do not put any disinfectants in the water. Rinse well to ensure no lather remains in the skin crease.  Dry thoroughly but gently – pat dry with a soft towel or use a hairdryer. Do not wash your hair with shampoo in the shower – the shampoo may contain perfume that trickles down and irritates the area under your breast.
Stop applying creams. If you have been applying creams from the chemist, stop using them,You could have become sensitized to one of the ingredients, and the cream could be making it worse. 

Try using My Breast friend breast coolers to stay dry and to avoid breast perspiration.

Breast Rashes & Infections

Combine breast sweat, bacteria, detergents, and fabric and you’ve created the perfect recipe for a skin rash.  Itchy, bumpy, burning, rashes under the breasts—although irritating—are usually caused by sweating and can be cleared up easily.  By inserting the breast coolers you will help eliminate your sweating.
Most rashes under the breasts are caused by miliaria crystalline—simply put—heat rash.  Perspiration remains trapped beneath the skin blocking sweat glands which causes inflammation and rash. Certain fabrics trap perspiration causing sweat glands to become blocked. Medications—prescription acne, blood pressure, bladder, and ADD ADHD drugs—have been linked to heat rash. Changes in climate—hotter temperatures and higher humidity—can trigger heat rash.  Heat rash causes red prickly bumps and is normally itchy. According to the Mayo Clinic, heat rash goes away on its own, the best way to relieve symptoms is to cool your skin and prevent sweating.  Wear cotton bras and keep the skin under your breasts clean and dry.  Heat rash could become infected so keep your breast cool with My Breast Freind.

Breast Sweat/Breast Perspiration

What can we do to stop sweat?

Nothing!!!  We can’t stop sweating!!  It’s as much a part of us as breathing.  We were built to sweat.  But we can be comfortable and confident all the time.  All we have to do is control sweat naturally.  Up until now there hasn’t been a product that will truly control breast sweat at any price. My Breast Friend cooling bra inserts provide an inexpensive easy and practical solution to breast sweat.Excessive sweating under and between the breasts and the resulting problems sweat causes is an often unspoken issue that women of all sizes and ages suffer from.  While some women experience rashes and irritation, others complain of embarrassing sweat marks on their clothing and are usually caused by sweating which can be cleared up easily.  By inserting the ultra thin breast coolers you will help eliminate your sweating keep comfortable and stop rash which could become infected,  so keep your breast cool with  My Breast Freind.

Breast Coolers A Miracle for Women

Many women suffer from sweat perspiration and chafing under the breast line and in the cleavage area.  This is a common problem without a solution until now.  The Ultra Thin Breast Cooling pads are a Miracle for women today.  The non refrigeration instant cooling pads will keep you feeling dry and comfortable all day. Just think no more breast sweat on your bra and perspiration appearing on your clothing- We like to take your order today but these amazing  new evolutionary cooling pads will not be ready for shipping till  Mid Januray 2011.
We like to hear your feed back and questions on this new evolutionary product  so please email us at
To order yours today go to  

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