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       Have you ever wished that your body would have an ice cube wrapped around your upper body so that you never have to worry about sweaty boobs?  Until recently, nothing worked on stopping that always-uncomfortable feeling of moisture under the bust.

Breast sweat can lead to breast rashes and even an infection called intertrigo!  None of the traditional methods of layering clothing, using powder or antiperspirants under the breasts really help stop sweat along the bust line.  Neither does holistic medicine really work.

Luckily at, My Breast Friend instant cooling pads really helps stop breast sweat for up to 4 to 6 hours at a time.  “My Breast Friend” instant cooling pads is one of the answers to sweaty breast relief.  They are as simple to use and as thin a band-aid.  Just take a pad, remove the cellophane cover and adhere the pad along your bustline where the breast and the fold meet.  Within seconds the pad becomes cool and the breast sweat glads starts to stop the sweating under neither and along the bust line.  What a relief !!


Breast Sweat Crease Marks ?

Many women get breast sweat crease marks. They make women self-conscious and become embarrassing during intimacy.  It is not uncommon for women to sweat through their bras causing unsightly sweat marks on clothing.  Bras get wet and cause breast rashes and even skin infections.

If sweating through your bra is making you embarrassed and self-conscious, don’t worry because you are not alone. Many women get sweat marks and worse, skin infections that result from chronic wetness.  These problems usually occur during muggy summer months. However, menopause, large busted women, or women who sweat excessively, often suffer from sweaty breasts all the time.

There are all types of remedies that women have used over the years to try to get relief from “sweaty boobs”.  They include mixing cornstarch and baking powder to create a cooling powder you can apply to your breasts.  Holistic doctors recommend a natural cure you can also try that consists of spritzing on sage tea, which contains an anhidrotic compound called thujone, which has been proven to reduce output from sweat glands. Many universities have released studies indicating a that this topical application of sage tea is effective against excessive sweating 37 percent of the time, as opposed to about 14 percent for placebo.   And, some women find that putting antiperspirant under the folds of there breasts help, but antiperspirants are meant for armpits.  Also, antiperspirants may irritate sensitive breast skin and cause skin rashes.

These treatments are all good at reducing sweat, but none of them can get rid of sweat 100% of the time.  Now there is a product on the market that can eliminate breast sweat and stop the rashes that result from sweating!  “My Breast Friend” instant cooling pads stops sweat from occurring.  They are ultra thin, easy to apply, and work for up to 6 hours with each pad application.  “My Breast Friend” is an ultra thin pad that is activated by removing the cellophane covering on the pad and then applying the pad directly on the fold of your breast line, or wherever sweat occurs.  The instant cooling factor of “My Breast Friend” cooling pads stop sweat from happening and keep you cool and confidant. There is no reason to worry any more about breast sweat and the unsightly stains that it causes on your clothing.  Stay cool and with “My Breast Friend” pads.  Visit our website at to learn more about the advantages of using “My Breast Friend” instant cooling pads.

Breast Rash During Pregnancy

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause the breasts to get larger in preparation for making      breast milk.  Any enjoyment an expectant mother feels about her newly enhanced cleavage may be ruined if she gets a rash on her breasts. Skin changes during pregnancy are common, especially breast rash.

Breast rashes during pregnancy can be caused by hormonal changes, or, even overheating. The hormones pregnant women have can affect the sweat glands causing pregnant women to sweat more than usual, which can cause rashes to develop.

Heat rashes appear as red areas of tiny bumps across the breasts. The rash may be solid in color, or splotchy. Associated with pregnancy, a problem called “PUPPP” develops during the third trimester of pregnancy. It often appears as itchy, red areas on the belly, which will spread to the breasts causing discomfort to women who are already swollen and uncomfortable from their pregnancy.

Unfortunately “PUPPP” has no cure.  However, pregnant women now have a product that will keep them comfortable and give them instant relief.  “My Breast Friend” cooling pads can stop the itchy and sweaty side effects of the breast rash. “My Breast Friend” ultra thin cooling pads can now give women immediate relief from breast sweating and will keep pregnant women dry for up to 6 hours.

“My Breast Friend” is easy to use and, once applied, can give immediate relief from breast sweat!! They are simple to apply; like a band aid.  Simply remove the attached cellophane cover, place the ultra thin pad under the breast in the fold area where the breast and chest meet and adhere it to that area.  Within a few short minutes, the pad is activated and you will feel cool and comfortable.  No more breast sweat!  “My Breast Friend” instant cooling pads will cool you down and keep you happy!  They are FDA approved and they work!   If needed, you can cut the pad to fit the affected area.  “My Breast Friend” can be used to stop sweat in other parts of the body such as on the back of the neck where sweat often occurs.  If your feet are swollen and sweaty, put “My Breast Friend” pads in your shoes and your feet will experience the same instant cooling relief that you get when you place the pad under your breasts!

“My Breast Friend” will really become your best friend once you experience the instant relief the cooling the pads offer.  For more information about “My Breast Friend” contact us at, or on Facebook at

Ways Women Can Avoid Chafing

Imagine you’re out exercising hard and everything feels right. The pace is strong and steady. Breathing is carefree. The last thing you want is a painful distraction, like getting chafing under the breast.

Redness or sore spots on your bust can be evidence of chafing. Most of the time, chafing is the result of clothing repeatedly rubbing on your skin.  Women are very susceptible to getting chafing of the breast, especially in the nipple area.  Chafing is very common for women because a woman is typically wearing a sports bra while exercising.

Every woman should know about fabric and fit when it comes to wearing a sports bra for exercising.   A little knowledge will help you prevent painful breast chafing interruptions.

A good start is to avoid sports bras made with cotton. Cotton traps moisture, which results in a soggy bra. A soggy bra is more likely to move and shift back and forth during exercising than a bra that is moisture free.

Second, the sports bra must fit your body like glove. The band that goes around the rib cage should be very snug. If your bra band moves back and forth while doing trunk twists, chances are it will do the same while bending, stretching, or running.

The cups should fully encase each breast. If your cup “runneth over” with breast tissue, you are exposing yourself to potential problems. The bra will not support like it should, allowing the breasts to move up and down or back and forth. This movement in itself can be painful. It is also the common cause of chafing of the breast.

A great way is to avoid any moisture build up in your sports bra and avoid breast sweat is to wear breast coolers. The instant cooling factor will keep your sweat glands under your breast cool which will avoid sweating and keeps your bra dry.

Great Bra Needs Great Support

The wonderful Genie Bra is great except it doesn’t keep the skin under your breasts dry.  The microfiber stretch fabric, which is all  synthetic, stops air flow to the breast.  This can create more perspiration along the bust line because the bra doesn’t allow your breasts to breathe.  To help with wearing this fabulous new bra, try  inserting “Breast Coolers ultra thin  instant cooling pads.  “Breast Coolers” will fit perfectly within the cups of the Genie Bra. Now you have two great ways to be confident; wear a great breast support garment and avoid breast sweat with “Breast Coolers”.   Keep your Genie bra and clothing dry and avoid sweating for up to 6 hours by wearing “Breast Coolers”!  They will avoid a rash under the breast or any chafing from occurring. Stay dry and wear your Genie Bra with confidence, knowing that you will stay cool and dry for up to 6 hours.

Learn how these ultra thin instant coolers can provide relief from breast sweat, breast rash, menopausal hot flashes, breast Intertrigo and more!



A Good Way To Avoid A Breast Rash

My Breast Friend cooling strips are designed to help avoid the rashes women get in the skin fold area between and under their breasts, which is caused by breast sweat. The typical appearance of these rashes is redness, sore breasts.  Sometimes an itchy rash and, perhaps even raw skin, beneath the breast folds occurs as a result of breast sweat.  Hot and humid climates, summer days, perspiration and underwire bras or bra's that are not fitted correctly will increase the likelihood that a rashy breast condition will develop.

Women with larger busts seem to suffer this problem more often.  This is due to the fact that there is more skin area being covered below the breast skin fold line, causing the sweat glands to not be able to breathe. In some cases, when a woman has extremely large breasts, the breast folds can extend out as far as the armpit or underarm area.

Breast rashes are difficult to clear up because of two factors:
1. The chest and bust area get very little airflow and that creates a moist environment where intertrigo/fungal infection can develop. This problem usually becomes more prevalent in hot climates and during summer months.

2. Reinfection can be caused by fungal spores remaining in your bra; no matter how clean you try to be.  You can prevent return infections by wearing a revolutionary product that makes breast sweat a thing of the past!  My Breast Friend cooling strips help avoid and stops breast rash and also stops the discomfort you might be feeling.

The common medical terms for these breast rashes are Submammary Candidiasis (Meaning a flat inflamed rash underneath the breast where the candida fungus aggravates the damaged skin); and Submammary Seborrhoeic Dermatitis which causes the skin to become red and may also give the breasts a somewhat scaly appearance.  As fungal spores can survive in warm washing conditions it is recommended that you wash underwear, tubes tops, bikini's and bras in a HOT wash to kill the spores and reduce the chance of reinfection.

Apply My Breast Friend under your breast and chest area in the morning and again, at night to avoid getting a rash under your breast.  My Breast Friend is also wonderful to apply to other parts of your body where you often perspire.  MY Breast Friend is safe for breast feeding mothers.  However, make sure to wash your breast and nipple area thoroughly prior to breastfeeding
We unconditionally guarantee the effectiveness of My Breast Friend breast coolers.


Breast Sweat Odor Relief

Having a problem with breast sweat and breast sweat odor? Are you getting breast chafing or a rash under your breast?  Are you starting to go through menopause and having night sweats? Did your physician prescribe an expensive powder to stop the fungal odor you have or told you to use a antibacterial soap, antiperspirants or even baby power?
Sounds like a lot to go through and not convenient on a daily basis.  These remedies last for only a short time. Using ultra thin and instant cooling breast coolers that last most of the day is a simple and convenient way to help avoid the breast sweat and avoid the embarrassing odor.


What Can Help Stop Breast Rash?

Great reasons to use "Breast Coolers" an easy and convenient way to avoid breast sweat and stop the start of Intertrigo under your breast. Do you have any of these issues that causes your boobs to sweat and then your bra or clothing gets moist and stained and creates you to feel discomfort.

Your bra is to tight, your going through menopause, your having night sweats or you just naturally perspire, you have stress, your breast are large, exercising is creating your body to heat, your playing sports or just riding a bike, your sweating in your sports bra. Maybe your going to a formal affair and you're planning on dancing all night long. Maybe you're going camping in the woods were the nights are hot and humid, or just sitting on the beach or by the pool and it's hot. How about riding or sitting on the back of motorcycle, walking or just doing day to day activities, getting in and out of a hot car or any of the other millions of reasons that come to your mind. My Breast Friend breast coolers will help keep you feeling dry and comfortable.

Breast Coolers will help avoid the discomfort of breast sweat while the other products only absorb the perspiration. Which would you prefer?  Ultra thin non-refrigeration cooling strips to keep your bust dry and comfortable for hours that will help avoid chafing or a rash on your bust. For added coolness you can place My Breast Friend breast coolers in the refrigerator. Avoid this issue.

Every Body Sweats !

Every body sweats. Maybe even in places you don’t want to admit to. It’s hard enough to dress stylish when the weather feels more like an oven or you're going through perimenopasue or menopause and having hot flashes or night sweats. And now you have to worry about feeling fresh, clean and sexy too.

Do you have boob sweat and ever swiped deodorant under your breasts, stuffed your bra with tissues or made a total mess with baby powder, you know what I’m talking about.  Let’s face it, boob sweat happens and it just does not go with your outfit or let you feel comfortable.

Maybe you live some place with sweltering heat like Arizona, Flordia or maybe you’re traveling to a tropical Island this summer. Whatever the case, toss the tissues, deodorant and baby powder away. My Breast Friend ultra thin instant cooling strips will keep you feeling dry, comfortable and most of all confident and prevent you from having breast sweat.

No more stuffing your bra with tissues or bra liners. The disposable breast coolers are as thin as a band-aid. Our breast coolers will not add any bulk to your bra so this way you're feeling comfortable and they last up 4 to 6 hours.

Breast Coolers to avoid Breast Sweat & Intertrigo

So many women have an issue with breast sweat especially during these hot and humid days of summer.  My Breast Friend ultra thin, self-cooling pads are the best solution to deal with the discomfort and to avoid breast rashes, itching and help avoid intertrigo.

My Breast Friend cooling factor will eliminate those embarrassing sweat marks on your bra and clothing and you will stay dry and comfortable.  Most other breast perspiration solution products are pads or powders that only absorb the moisture, but there is still that wet feeling againist your body. The cooling factor of My Breast Friend will help stop that uncomfortable sweat during the hot, summer months.

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